Your experts in Carbon Black supply
What we do
PanaSystem supplies quality carbon blacks all around the world with annual volume exceeding 100 000 Mt, and growing constantly.
Our entire network is conveniently located next to major logistical hubs around the world.

We ensure reliability of deliveries both for long-term contracts and short-term spot deliveries.

Depending on the needs of every single customer we can arrange a safety stock to cover the demands for several months at a close availability to the customer's production facilities.
How we do it
Our warehousing facilities worldwide enable us to store tens of thousands of metric tons of carbon blacks and guarantee constant Just In Time delivery to our clients.
Warehouses around the world

Trader of Carbon Black
In Business since 1994
Annual turnover over 100 000 Mt
PanaSystem company is a trader of Carbon Black material in Europe and USA
Year to year we deliver over 100 000 Mt of carbon blacks to our clients. Depending on customer's needs, the deliveries can be arranged in silotrucks, big bags or small bags.
Delivery all around Europe and US on DDP terms. ISO certified warehouses and decanting stations.

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